Another rainy Sunday in offing for Delhi NCR

March 16, 2017 2:26 PM |

Delhi rains

As one would hope for, residents in Delhi and NCR are reaching out to their fan switches as the season of hot and sweltering weather is just over the horizon. Meteorologists have already confirmed that the coming summer is likely to be the hottest summer for the country; Delhi is not likely to stay far behind.

But the recent light rain and thunderstorm over Delhi, the city has been cool and comfortable with pleasant weather. With pleasant weather set aside, the city’s mercury has been witnessing a steady and gradual rise. At present, the maximum temperatures over Delhi and adjoining areas are hovering in the higher 20°C mark. With this in regard, the minimum temperatures have seen a gradual rise.

Last week, the minimum temperatures were in nearing single digits due to the late winter rainfall. But as the temperatures are seeing on the rise, weather gods seems to have special affection towards the National Capital.

In the days to come with rise in temperatures, Delhi and its neighboring regions are likely to be witnessed by another spell of rainfall on March 19 & 20. This weather activity can be attributed to the effect of the persisting Western Disturbance over the hills of North India.

This Western Disturbance is likely to bring in a cyclonic circulation over North Rajasthan, North Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab. Thanks to this circulation most parts of northern plains of India is likely to be witnessed by another spell of rainfall activity.

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