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AQI Meter: Most polluted places in Delhi NCR today (Air Pollution in Delhi NCR)

November 3, 2020 4:00 PM |

Air Pollution in Delhi NCR

Air pollution has started reaching extremely dangerous levels in most parts of Delhi-NCR. As Skymet had predicted, the pollution situation is continuously worsening due to the drop in temperature and the change in the wind direction.

There was some reduction in air pollution in Delhi-NCR today. However, the air quality index is still at an unsafe level in terms of health. Among the 10 most polluted places, the maximum pollution in Delhi-NCR was in Noida, where PM 10 was 345 while PM 2.5 was also recorded at a dangerous level of 301.

Check the table to know the most air polluted places of Delhi NCR:

Air Pollution Levels In Delhi NCR

Why does air pollution increase in Delhi-NCR?

After the withdrawal of monsoon, the weather patterns change, and the temperature starts to decline. The effects of mist and fog are more. These mist and fog act as a trap for locally occurring air pollution. The air pollution that arises, whether it is dry particles or liquid polluted elements, does not go away and persists for a long time on the lower surface of the atmosphere.

Apart from this, farmers in the neighbouring states of Delhi, including Punjab and Haryana, do stubble burning after harvesting paddy. Stubble burning smoke also encroaches on the Delhi-NCR with the north-west dry winds, turning it into a Delhi Gas Chamber.

After the end of the monsoon season, for the national capital Delhi, including all the cities of NCR, the danger of pollution begins.

A black sheet of pollution becomes covered in the sky of Delhi-NCR, which produces difficulty in breathing for people. Despite the concentrated efforts of the Central Government, State Governments and several affiliated agencies, Delhi has still not got rid of the danger of air pollution.

Now, Gurugram, Faridabad and Noida have also seen a rise in air pollution, deteriorating air quality.

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