As Monsoon 2018 nears, this is how Kerala rains are performing

As Monsoon 2018 nears, this is how Kerala rains are performing

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Good rains all set to lash Kerala

We are on the verge of reaching the fag end of pre-Monsoon season now. It is just about a week left for the onset of Southwest Monsoon over Kerala which is the first Indian state to relish Monson showers.

As Southwest Monsoon is predicted to make an early onset over the state, it has further shrunk the pre-Monsoon season for the state.

As already reiterated by Skymet Weather, May is the peak pre-Monsoon month that gathers the maximum amount of rainfall. So far, the first two weeks of May have seen good rainfall activity with an increased rain surplus. Skymet has already predicted the rainfall activity to reduce in the third week which happened.

The first week recorded a total of 64.8 mm of rains as against the actual of 34.2 mm, making it 89% rain surplus. Meanwhile, the second week’s rain summed up to a total of 71.8 mm against the normal of 48.1 mm, which was 49% on the surplus side.

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Now this week, a total of 43.7 mm of rains were recorded by the state against a total of 64.8 mm, which dropped the rainfall activity, making it rain deficient by 33%.


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However, the cumulative rains for the pre-Monsoon season spanning from March 1 to May 23 leave the state on a surplus note with 20% rain surplus as the state has recorded a total of 359.1 mm of rains against the normal of 298.4 mm.

In the last 24 hours from 08:30 am on Thursday, Thrissur recorded a whopping 80 mm of rains, Kozhikode 38 mm, Alappuzha 37 mm, Thiruvananthapuram 14 mm, Kochi 12 mm, Karipur 12 mm and Punalur recorded 7 mm of rains.

This week, barring two districts, Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram, rest all places have received lesser than the normal rains. Whereas talking about the season’s rainfall, as on May 23, almost all the districts have received above normal rains, mostly on the positive side except three stations that are on a slightly lesser end.

Let us take a look at both the weekly and monthly rainfall recorded in 14 districts of Kerala:


As of now also, the last week of the month, before the onset of Monsoon which would arrive early this season will see a mix of some good and enhanced rainfall.

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