At 35.6 degrees, Mumbai observes highest maximum of the season

At 35.6 degrees, Mumbai observes highest maximum of the season

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Mumbai observes hotter days, maximums settle five degrees above normal

The mercury levels in Mumbai breached the 35-degree mark on the past day which is the season’s highest so far. In the last 24 hours, the Santacruz Observatory recorded a whopping 35.6°C which is the highest maximum recorded this winter.

Usually, January is a pleasant weather period for the city wherein, both the maximums and minimums remain in the moderate range. However, this season, Mumbai has been reeling under extreme weather conditions. The spell of above normal temperatures has been lingering over the city since January 11.

As against the average monthly minimum temperature of 16.8 degrees, the minimums have been clocking above the 21-degree mark for the past three days. The average monthly maximum of the city is 30.7 degrees while the city has been constantly settling in mid-30’s.

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The reason for the rising maximums in the city can be associated with the delay in the onset of the sea breeze. The winds blowing from the land till late afternoon hours resulted in raising the temperatures.

Such weather condition for the city is not very frequent though is not very rare as well. The city witnessing more than the average maximum has had occurred in the past as well. In the year 2016, Mumbai city recorded the maximum at 37.3°C which is the second highest in the last ten years.

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The all-time record for observing the highest maximum was in the year 2006 when the city witnessed 37.4°C followed by 37.1°C in the year 2009.

Skymet Weather predicts similar weather to continue in the city for the next 48 hours. The temperatures will continue to remain under the same range. The day time high is likely to remain in mid-30’s and may even reach 35°C resulting in warm and humid conditions for most parts of the afternoon hours.

However, a marginal drop in the minimums can be expected.

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