At 37.5 degrees Celsius, Pune sees highest February maximum in a decade

At 37.5 degrees Celsius, Pune sees highest February maximum in a decade

07:38 PM

Pune Weather

North India has been witnessing rain and snow activities for quite some time now. On the other hand, temperatures have been significantly rising over many parts of Central as well as South India. Moreover, some areas have even been seeing maximums settling close to the 40 degree mark.

Similarly, for Pune, temperatures have been on a high for the past two to three days. In fact, maximums here have been settling above normal in some time. Yesterday, the maximum in Pune had reached a whopping 35.9 degrees Celsius, which is four degrees above the normal levels.

Meanwhile, weather became even hotter today and Pune saw maximums soar even further. Today, the maximum temperature settled at a whopping 37.5 degrees which happens to be six degrees above the normal levels.

In fact, today’s maximum is the highest in February in the last decade. The last time the city saw such sky high temperatures, was in 2009 at 37.4 degrees on February 28.

The reason for such high temperatures have been attributed to the inflow of southwesterly winds over these regions. These winds will continue to blow for at least the next two days or so, thereafter, wind pattern will change and Pune will once again see a drop in maximums.

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