Bengaluru to continue with pleasant and sunny weather

Bengaluru to continue with pleasant and sunny weather

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The city of Bengaluru is elevated about 3000 feet, therefore, average normal rains over the city during the month of January is 1.9 mm making it the least rainy month for the capital city of Karnataka, Bengaluru. In fact, during this month, the city also records lowest minimum temperatures.

However, after the Monsoon season, a sharp dip of rains is observed over the city and as such Northeast Monsoon is also not that great in terms of rains for Bengaluru.

Since the last 10 years, there have also been three occasions wherein the city recorded 0 mm of rain, followed by five times with 0.5 mm of rain and about two occasions with above 5 mm of rain. Therefore, we can say that during the month of January, rain is just a chance over the city.

At present, pleasant weather conditions with sunny sky are being observed over the IT hub of our country. In fact, the maximum temperatures are settling around 30˚C and minimums around 20˚C. Meanwhile, there are even occasions where thick fog and low clouds have been experienced. However, they do not last for long and disperse right after the sun rises.

Further, in February, temperatures start rising and by end of February and beginning March, the city records maximums around 35˚C. This also states that January is the last month wherein the city records maximums below 30˚C occasionally.

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