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Bengaluru witnesses highest maximum of the season

March 26, 2017 2:19 PM |

Bangalore sears yet again, temperature soars

Bengaluru, at present, is observing warm and humid weather conditions. To such an extent that the day maximums have been recorded few notches above the normal average, leading to discomfort and uneasiness.

For the first week of March, the garden city remained mainly dry, however thereafter on and off showers has drenched the state of Karnataka including its capital city. With these intermittent showers, the city had surpassed its monthly average rainfall of 18.7 mm.

Temperature wise, the maximum temperature was recorded around 36 degrees on March 20. In fact, there have been several occasions when the maximums in Bengaluru have settled near the 35-degree mark. Moreover, an increase of three degrees has been observed today with the maximum settling at 37 degrees. It is the highest day maximum observed by Bengaluru this season.

In the coming days as well, the day temperatures are expected to continue on the upper end. These weather conditions and high maximums can be attributed to the warm and humid winds blowing across the region. Besides this, no significant weather system is expected to form over the region as of now.

It looks as if this year during the summer, Bengaluru won’t be the ideal travel destination due to scorching weather conditions.

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