Can Planet Earth take another World War

January 8, 2020 5:31 PM |

Present happenings and developments surrounding US and Iran are mongering fears hinting another World War. If this comes to reality, the Earth will see its third World War in history. But is the Earth really ready for taking another World War?

One after the other counterstrikes taking place between US and Iran is erupting scares of World War II across the globe.

A famous quote from one of the greatest scientists in history, Albert Einstein says, “I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones,” dating back to the 1940s when the first nuclear weapons were being developed. This presents the current picture in a nutshell. The year in which we are living in, it’s quite evident that if there is another World War it will be fought with nuclear weapons.

As a matter of fact, most weapons possessed by U.S. are almost 50 times stronger than the ones used in Hiroshima. This fact alone is enough to provide a bigger and clearer picture into the matter.

Wars fought at present will be enough to pose an existential threat to humanity. Wars fought at present will not be a war against a country or an ethnicity, they will be fought against a planet. Wars fought at present will be wars against the coming generations.

Taking in light the classic case of India and Pakistan. The combines arsenals of both the nations equal to more than 220 nuclear warheads. If both countries go on a regional nuclear war right now, the war will cause significant effects lasting more than a decade over the globe.

According to a report, a bomb can now be manufactured which will be 2,500 times as powerful as the one that destroyed Hiroshima.

Image Credits – The National Interest

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