Chandigarh, Ambala, Narnaul, Karnal to get more rains as Monsoon revives

July 12, 2018 4:59 PM |

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As predicted by Skymet Weather,  both the states of Punjab and Haryana finally recorded some Monsoon rains on the past day after a gap of four to five days. However, rains were confined to the eastern parts of the states, while the western half mainly remained dry.

In the last 24 hours from 08:30 am on Wednesday, Narnaul recorded heavy 73 mm of heavy rains, Bhiwani 16.4 mm, Chandigarh 12.4 mm, Ambala 12 mm, and Amritsar 3.2 mm. Ambala and Pathankot too saw some traces of rains.

The month of July has not remained much constructive for both the states. However, it is all due to the rainfall recorded in the past month that had kept the rainfall performance of both the states satisfactory. While Punjab is rain surplus by 26% as  on July 11, Haryana has witnessed near normal rainfall by -12%, so far.


As per Skymet Weather, the Axis of Monsoon trough is running via from Punjab to the Bay of Bengal via northwestern plains. In the wake of this, we expect the rain intensity to increase over Punjab and Haryana. The intensity of rain would be more over the eastern districts of the states. However after 24 hours, the western regions of both Haryana and Punjab would also start recording rains.

These Monsoon showers would continue for the next three to four days and would further result in dipping the temperatures by three to four degrees. Hence, the weather is likely to remain comfortable, bringing in the much-awaited relief from the hot and sultry weather.

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