Chennai recorded 4th lowest rainfall in October 2016 in 200 years; 2017 much better

October 30, 2017 12:51 PM |

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Any sudden spell of rain over the city of Chennai becomes a topic of discussion. The mania persists mainly because of the traumatic flooding of December 2015. But for 2016, the status of rain over Chennai was not too promising as for the month of October, the rainfall had been the fourth lowest in last 200 years.

The data from the last 200 years show that the Chennai’s rainfall stands at fourth position at 22.4 mm of rainfall in October 2016. The lowest rainfall for the month of October recorded over the city was 11.2 mm in 1918.

Chennai Data

Even in last 10 years, it was 2015 that recorded very low rain of 27.4 mm in October. Such drastic rainfall figures can also be attributed to the late arrival of Northeast Monsoon last year. This year too, Northeast Monsoon had made a delayed onset over South India.

However, throughout the month of October, the city of Chennai has been recording good rains. So much so that the city recorded a few heavy spells of rain as well. While the city is still far away from reaching its monthly mean, the rains are at least in double digits and with a day left, more rains will lash the city

For the next couple of days, the rainfall will continue over Chennai of moderate to heavy intensity. In fact, the coming days are expected to be moderate to heavy for the city of Tamil Nadu. A few very heavy spells of rain are also likely.

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