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Chennai Weather Update: Dry weather prevails over Chennai

December 13, 2015 2:00 PM |


Updated on December 13, 2015: For the past few days, Chennai has been observing dry weather conditions with no rainfall. Rains have been confined to the southern parts of Tamil Nadu.

The capital city of Tamil Nadu has been experiencing pleasant weather conditions. While maximums have been recorded in the lower 30s, minimums have been settling in the lower 20s.

For the next four days, no rainfall will be observed over Chennai. However, light rainfall is possible on December 18, due to a cyclonic circulation in the Bay of Bengal.

Updated on December 12, 2015: Good weather conditions have finally returned to Chennai. No rainfall has been recorded during last 72 hours and we except weather to be dry over Chennai in coming days as well.

According to Skymet Meteorology Division in India, chances of rain are almost nil for next one week as  no new weather system is approaching Tamil Nadu.

Saturday will also be a sunny day with few clouds and so will be the Sunday. Day temperatures will be settling in early 30s, while night temperatures will be in early 20s.

Updated on December 11, 2015: Chennai rains have reduced significantly giving the residents of the state capital a long awaited relief. During the last 24 hours, Chennai has remained mostly dry.

Now, no fresh weather system is expected over Tamil Nadu including Chennai. Easterly waves, which usually increase rainfall activity are also very weak.

Sunny days are ahead for Chennai with few patches of clouds. Chances of light rain are also quite bleak. However, the possibility of isolated rainfall activity at a few places cannot be ruled out. Temperatures will also be in the comfortable range.

Updated on December 10, 2015: For the past two to three days, Chennai rains have taken a back seat. Only light rain has been recorded. During the last three days, from December 8, Chennai has recorded a mere 10 mm of rainfall. Now, with the system moving away, conditions have drastically improved.

During the next 24 hours, only occasional light rain will continue over flood marred Chennai due to moisture in the air, but that too will be for shorter durations. The residents may end up seeing some sunshine as well. Relief and rescue operations will continue in full swing without any hindrance. The torrential rainy spell has finally come to an end for Chennaites.

Story First Published on December 9, 2015: Chennai rains have not only flooded the entire city, but these constant downpours have also left a scar on the spirit of Chennaites. In the last few days, the capital city of Tamil Nadu has seen it all, waterlogged roads, floating furniture, non-functional airports and, of course, power woes.

Life came to a standstill when rain gods refused to spare Tamil Nadu. Torrential rains took social media by storm and help poured in from all sides. Residents readily offered food, a place to stay and any other possible help. Startups too joined hands in providing food, boats, rooms on discounts and freedom from pests.

The Indian Army, Air Force, Naval Forces, and the NDRF all came together to rescue residents struggling in the flood-ravaged Chennai. Monetary help was offered from all sides, right from Prime Minister Modi to the state Chief Ministers and Bollywood stars.

After a month of never-ending rains, mostly dry days are ahead for the capital city of Chennai. While some parts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala will continue to receive rain, the intensity of rainfall will reduce significantly as far as Chennai is concerned.

By December 12, Chennai rains will finally take a back seat. The state capital will observe occasional light rainfall with a bleak possibility of a few moderate spells during the next week. The next 24 hours may see one or two moderate spells for Chennai. But, after that, there will certainly be an end to constant downpours at least for the next fortnight.

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