Chilly nights ahead for Delhi NCR as mercury plummets to 8 degrees, AQI to remain very poor

December 5, 2018 4:32 PM |


Delhi NCR woke up to the coldest morning of the season on Wednesday. On December 5, Safdarjung Observatory recorded minimum temperature at 8.4 degree-Celsius that is the lowest for this season. Not only this, it was also one degree below the normal average.

With this, we now expect winters to finally start gripping the national capital. According to Skymet Weather, the minimums may drop further but any significant drop in temperatures is ruled out for the coming 3-4 days.

Meanwhile, the maximum temperature continue to be slightly above normal and settled around 26 degree-Celsius. As per the experts, day temperature will continue to settle around 26 degree- Celsius for the next few days. Days will be warm but comfortable. Winter chill will be felt during morning and evening hours, but as the day will progress one can witness sunshine.

Diurnal variation between maximums and minimums is very high, somewhere around 17 degrees. The difference between maximum and minimum temperature is known as diurnal variation.

This large difference could lead to some heath problems like cold, cough and fever. Therefore certain advisories must be followed like one should always step out of the house wearing light woolens.

As per Skymet Weather, shallow fog and mist would also be seen during the morning hours. Light winds with wind speed of 8-10 kmph will continue to blow from west/west north-west direction. There are very less chances of wind to pick up pace, thus pollution levels will continue to remain high.

Over many places, air quality levels will continue to linger in 'very poor' category, whereas, isolated pockets of Delhi-NCR may witness severe pollution as well. Although, slight improvement in air quality can be witnessed around 3-4 pm. But this relief would be short lived and levels may again go up during the late evening and night.

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