Chor in South Pakistan records 102 mm of rain, more showers expected in the region

July 29, 2019 5:14 PM |

rain in pakistan

From 8.30 am on Sunday, it has been a good 24 hours for South Pakistan in terms of rainfall. Several places in the region have recorded light to moderate amounts of rain during this period. A couple of stations have recorded heavy rains as well.

According to the rainfall data available with Skymet, Chor has observed 102 mm of rain, while Hyderabad witnessed 39 mm of rain. Some light rain to the tune of 12 mm, 8 mm and 4 mm were also recorded in Nawabshah, Badin and Karachi.

Usually, South Pakistan does not receive very good amounts of rain. By the time Monsoon current reaches the region, it becomes very weak and therefore the rainfall amounts are less.

Rains in the region are largely governed by two weather systems. One is an active Western Disturbance and the other one is a Cyclonic Circulation that forms in the Bay of Bengal and sometimes makes it to the southern parts of Pakistan.

Currently there is a Cyclonic Circulation over south Rajasthan and its adjoining area which is travelling further to cover extreme southern parts of Pakistan. The Monsoon trough is also running well south of its normal position. Both these weather systems have created a conducive environment for rain in South Pakistan.

The good rainfall activity in the region is going to last for another 24 hours. Thereafter the intensity will weaken and another good spell is likely in the region by next week.

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