Clouding likely in Delhi today, Summers to set in soon

March 27, 2019 11:43 AM |

Cloudy weather in Delhi

Cloudy weather once again returned to Delhi on Wednesday but rains would remain in hiding. According to Skymet Weather, a feeble Western Disturbance is travelling across Jammu and Kashmir. Being feeble in nature, it would not be able to give any rains over the northern plains including Delhi.

Slowly and steadily, the city is now slipping into the summer season. In fact, North India is already running behind the schedule this time.

Delhi and its adjoining areas such as Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad and Ghaziabad have been observing a mild March in terms of both rain and temperatures. The National Capital Region is still short of rains against its normal average and day temperatures are still settling below normal.

In fact, the day temperatures over the city had been quite below normal during the first week of March. However, on March 19, the city recorded its day temperature at 30˚C for the first time during this season. And with this rising trend, Delhi recorded its highest maximum for the month at 34.1˚C on March 20.

Thereafter, temperatures decreased once again and since then the day temperatures of Delhi-NCR are between 30˚C and 32˚C. Yesterday, Safdarjung Observatory recorded its maximum temperature at 30.3˚C, followed by Gurugram 29.5˚C and Faridabad 30.2˚C.

Normally, during the month of March, Delhi observes maximum temperatures at 35˚C for about 8 out of 30 times. But this year we haven’t observed any such pattern.

Since the last many days, in the absence of any significant weather system, Delhi-NCR has been observing dry weather conditions with low humidity levels. Now in the coming days as well, similar weather conditions will continue.

In the wake of dry weather, on March 29 and 30, we expect day temperatures over most parts of the National Capital Region to increase by 1˚C to 2˚C.

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