Cold day conditions to remain on backseat over Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar

February 1, 2018 10:25 AM |

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January is the peak winter month for the plains of North India. This year too, wintry conditions continued over the region. In fact, almost the entire Indo-Gangetic plains right from Punjab to Bihar was gripped under a thick layer of fog during the initial days of the month. Delhi too witnessed dense fog during the month of January.

In fact, cold day conditions were also prevailing in parts of the plains of North India along with East Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Low wind speed and high humidity levels resulted in the fog that further dipped the temperatures thereby leading to cold day conditions.

However, for the last 2-3 days, the intensity of fog has been witnessing a reducing trend. As of now, only the northeastern parts of Uttar Pradesh and North Bihar are observing dense fog in pockets. Meanwhile, the fog has abated other parts of northern plains.


The reason for the abatement of dense fog from the aforementioned regions can be attributed to the strengthening of the wind speed. At present, northwesterly winds at a speed of 15-20 kmph gusting at a speed of 25 kmph are blowing over the region.

North India

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In the wake of these moderate flow of winds, the humidity has also reduced. Thus, the thinning of fog has led to an increase in the day temperatures thereby abating the cold day conditions from the entire Indo Gangetic Plains.

According to the weathermen at Skymet Weather, a further rise in the day and night temperatures is expected. The weather of almost entire Indo-Gangetic Plains would be dry, and the sky would remain clear. Thus, the Indo-Gangetic Plains are likely to witness comfortable weather.

However, around February 3, the wind speed is likely to reduce again, and fog may make a comeback. This would result in the day temperatures witnessing a drop once again. However, cold day conditions are unlikely.

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