Cold spell grips Pune; minimums to rise in next two days

January 12, 2019 9:15 AM |

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The cultural capital of Maratha people ‘Pune’, generally experiences pleasant weather conditions throughout the year except during the month of April and May when the weather is extremely hot with mercury soaring up to 40 degree mark. In fact, the city remains calm during Monsoon season too and no severe conditions are witnessed.

Winters over Pune are generally mild. While winters remain at peak in the month of January with minimums dropping down at a faster pace for most parts of the country, the city of Pune continues to witness moderate temperatures only. Moreover, the month of January hardly witnesses any rains for Pune. Thus, weather here remains dry with sunny and bright sky taking over the region.

Moreover, even with winter conditions picking up a good pace, days here continue to remain warm with maximums reporting around 30℃. However, evening and night are felt cold, but still minimums oscillate in double digits only.

The average monthly minimum over Pune in the month of December is 12℃ while it is 11.5℃ for January. However, this season Pune has shown its different color. Since December 28 to till now, minimums have been continuously dipping with mercury touching single digit mark, except on January 6 when minimums were recorded in double digit at 10.3℃. Moreover, this situation is not something a regular affair, particularly for that city which hardly experiences single digit minimums and that too in a row.

Talking about figures, Pune had recorded its lowest minimum of the season on December 29 at 5.9℃. This is also the second lowest recording in last 10 years. The first was recorded on January 7 in 2011 at 5.3℃.

Let’s have a look at the minimums over Pune from December 28 to January 11 -

Capture pune

As mentioned earlier, weather over northern parts of country governs weather over other parts of the country. In wake of continuous flow of dry and cold winds from north direction along with very low temperatures, minimums have decreased over central parts of the country including Pune.

However, we expect a short break in this ongoing weather condition. In next two days, minimums would rise and settle in double digits. This is because winds will change its directions from northerlies to south-easterlies. As these winds will be comparatively warmer in nature, we expect temperature to increase once again and reach double digit mark. Further, in absence of any significant weather system, weather will remain dry. Moreover, days will be warm and maximums would settle around 30℃.

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