Cold wave conditions to prevail over Northwest India

Cold wave conditions to prevail over Northwest India

12:47 PM

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Since last few days, season cold wave conditions are prevailing over northwestern plains of the country as result of winter weather pattern persisting over the region.

Moreover, Northwest India is topping the list with consecutive fall in its minimums as being observed since the last 24 hours. Talking about figures, Churu in Rajasthan has recorded lowest minimum of the season at 0.6℃. Other places such as Hisar and Narnaul in Haryana as well as Pilani and Alwar in Rajasthan have recorded minimums below 1℃.

Moreover, many places have been experiencing moderate to dense fog during early morning hours. However, days are being felt as pleasant due to bright sunshine persisting over entire area.

In general, weather pattern during winter season over northwestern plains of the country is mainly governed by different Western Disturbances. At present, Western Disturbances that have been affecting Jammu & Kashmir are weak in nature. Thus, in the absence of any strong Western Disturbance, no obstruction in flow of northwesterly winds is being observed. As a result, these winds are continuing smoothly over entire northwestern region.

In the coming days, no major change will occur in weather pattern other than consecutive slight rise and fall that will occur for next one or two days. Mainly dry weather will continue with moderate to dense fog that will be observed during early morning hours.

Moreover, with continuously falling temperatures, cold wave conditions will also continue during early morning hours. Further,days will be pleasant with light winds and bright sunshine.

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