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Relief from Cold Wave in Gujarat in 24 hrs; but winters to stay

January 29, 2019 12:26 PM |

Cold Wave in Gujarat

Generally, the state of Gujarat observes mild winters. In fact, minimums here mostly remain in double digits only  during the season. It is only on account of some extreme weather conditions that the mercury dip to single digits.

As Gujarat has a long coastline, winters are felt differently over its interior parts and coastal areas. While interior parts, on account of extreme conditions observe single digit minimums, coastal areas always remain on a safer side and stay devoid of recording single digit minimums.

Updated on January 29: Relief from Cold Wave in Gujarat in 24 hrs; but winters to stay

As predicted by Skymet Weather, Cold Wave conditions are still prevailing over many parts of Gujarat and minimums are below normal by 3℃ to 5℃ over many places. Not only minimums, but day temperatures are also below normal by 3℃ to 6℃ at many places. For instance, maximums over Baroda and Bhavnagar are below normal by 6℃, while by 5℃ over Amreli as well as by 4℃ over Ahmedabad. The reason for such low temperature is cold winds from Western Himalayas blowing across the western and central parts of the country including Gujarat.

At present, an active Western Disturbance is approaching Western Himalayas, which will induce a Cyclonic Circulation over Central Pakistan and adjoining Rajasthan. This, circulation will obstruct the flow of cold northerly winds and wind profile will change over Gujarat. Thus, relatively warmer and humid southwesterly winds from Arabian sea will commence leading to an increase in temperatures over the state. These winds will lead to a marginal increase in temperature thereby abating Cold Wave conditions from the entire state by January 31. However, we expect winter chill to persist for another 48 hours.

Updated on January 28: Cold Wave grips Gujarat; no respite in sight for next two days

This year, Gujarat has performed excellent in terms of winters. Since past 3 days, the state has been observing single digit minimums over its interior parts. Moreover, this is for the third time in this season that minimums have come down to single digits over the state.

If we talk about data, then this morning Ahmedabad has recorded its minimum at 8.6℃, which is below normal by 4℃. The capital city of Gujarat- Gandhinagar has recorded minimum at 7.4℃, below normal by 5℃.

Comparing this with past data i.e. between end of December and first week of January, the state was continuously recording single digit minimums, wherein minimums at Gandhinagar were recorded at 7.4℃. Likewise, minimums at 8℃ were recorded over Ahmedabad.

If we compare these two data, then it is clearly visible that the state has been recording minimums in the similar range only since a very long time now.

Moreover, these conditions are not being observed at one or two places, but over most of Gujarat. For instance, this morning Baroda has recorded minimum at 7.6℃, which is below normal by 6℃. All these significant minimums have led to Cold Wave conditions in pockets of Gujarat such as Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Baroda.

While on one hand, minimums are continuously dropping over Gujarat, on the other hand, maximums have somehow managed to remain in the same range only as these were before. At present, these are in higher 20s over most places, giving warm and comfortable days to the residents. However, over some pockets, these are below normal by 5℃ to 6℃. For instance, maximum at Ahmedabad is settling at 24℃, which is below normal by 5℃, maximum over Baroda is at 24℃, again below normal by 6℃. Deesa is also recording maximum below normal by 4℃ i.e. at 7℃.

In comparison to interior parts, the coastal areas are also not lagging behind in recording below normal maximums. For instance, Naliya is recording its maximum at 26℃, below normal by 2℃, followed by Bhavnagar at 23.4℃, which is below normal by 6℃.

Further, for coming two days, we expect conditions to remain intact and Cold Wave conditions to continue in pockets. Thereafter, winds will reverse its pattern and start blowing from sea side thereby leading to abatement of Cold Wave conditions. These winds would also cause temperatures to rise over entire Gujarat.

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