Cold winds grip Telangana; sunny and comfortable days ahead

December 30, 2018 11:07 AM |

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Winters in Telangana are not very harsh. However, sometimes somewhere between last week of December and first week of January, temperatures come down to single digits over few places of the state.

Meanwhile, minimums settle between 10℃ and 13℃ during this period, over many parts leading to cold weather conditions. These favorable conditions also lead to cold wave conditions over parts of Telangana during this period.

However, if we talk about this year, then weather over Telangana had remained mostly warm until third week of December. In fact, temperatures increased significantly between December 24 and 27 because of humid and warm winds blowing from southeast directions.

As these winds were traveling from Bay of Bengal, minimums increased over Telangana. However, reversal of winds occurred on December 27 and warm and humid winds from southeast directions got replaced by cold and dry winds from north direction. As a result, minimums dropped to a great extent leading to commencement of cold wave condition in some parts of state.

Similarly, day maximums witnessed a drop of 2℃-3℃ and the days were felt as comfortable and pleasant.

Minimums recorded on 27/12/2018 and 28/12/2018:-

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According to Skymet weather, cold winds will continue over Telangana for next two to three days. Thus, winter chill and cold wave conditions would spread over some more parts of the state. Moreover, in the absence of any significant weather system, we do not expect any rain activity and day will remain sunny and comfortable.

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