Comfortable days, pleasant nights to prevail in Hyderabad

Comfortable days, pleasant nights to prevail in Hyderabad

06:07 PM

Hyderabad will remain hot, here’s why

The rain gods do not seem happy for Hyderabad as the City of Nizams has been whirling under the dry and warm weather for almost a month now. The maximums are also settling in the lower 30’s. In the past day also, the daytime high recorded by Hyderabad was 32°C which was 3 degrees beyond the average for the month.

The dry weather over the capital city of the youngest state of the country can be correlated with the absence of any significant weather system over the region. As of now also, no changes in the weather can be anticipated as the region still lacks a significant rain giving weather system.

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The other stations of Telangana are also anticipated to witness dry weather conditions at least for another 2-3 days. The maximums will continue to remain in the lower 30’s due to which the days are expected to remain comfortable.


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However, as the minimum temperatures over Hyderabad have been witnessing a dropping trend, the nights and early morning hours are likely to remain pleasant.

Generally, also, Hyderabad is not used to recording much rainfall during the winter months spanning from December to February. The average monthly rainfall for the city stands at a mere 4.9 mm and for the last two years, the city has not seen any rains in December.

Back in 2014, Hyderabad recorded just 0.5 mm of light traces throughout the month and prior to this, from 2011 to 2013, December went dry for the city. Thus, these three months are a lull period for the capital of Telangana in terms of rainfall.

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