Coming Up: Rain in Kolkata, parts of West Bengal and Odisha around Feb 15

Coming Up: Rain in Kolkata, parts of West Bengal and Odisha around Feb 15

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Kolkata Rains

The states of West Bengal along with Odisha have remained dry for quite some time. Rainfall activity has remained on the lower side only. However, after a dry spell over these regions, West Bengal as well as Odisha are all set to receive scattered rainfall activities.

The reason for these upcoming rainfall activities can be attributed to the formation of a Trough from Bihar to Rayalaseema, along with which a confluence zone will also form over Odisha.

Thus, scattered showers are likely to commence over many parts of West Bengal as well as interior regions of Odisha on February 15. The intensity of these rains along with the spread will increase around February 16. Isolated pockets of these states may see hailstorm activities as well.

Talking about the city of Kolkata, scattered rains are expected on February 16 while rainfall will reduce and become isolated on February 17.

By February 17, the confluence zone will fizzle out and the weather system will also weaken leading to dry weather conditions over both the states. At present, all three meteorological subdivisions including Gangetic West Bengal, Sub Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim and Odisha are all largely deficient in terms of rainfall.

These upcoming rains may improve the rain deficiency to some extent. However, not much improvement is likely as rainfall will not be heavy.

Usually the month of January and February remain dry for eastern parts of the country, as the weather systems during this time form in South Bay of Bengal. Thus, rains over Gangetic West Bengal reduce significantly.

Whatever rainfall is seen over Sub Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim is due to the eastern movement of Western Disturbance along the foothills of Himalayas. However, Odisha and Gangetic West Bengal see dry weather conditions only.

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