Coming up: Rain in Vidarbha, thunderstorm in Marathwada today

February 7, 2019 1:41 PM |

Coming up: Rain in Vidarbha, thunderstorm in Marathwada

The state of Maharashtra has been witnessing dry weather conditions for quite a while now. Talking about the temperatures, the state capital Mumbai saw a significant increase in temperatures on February 4, wherein the maximum had reached to 35.3 degrees Celsius which dropped to 33.3 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, the maximum temperature saw a massive drop in maximum which settled at 28.8 degrees Celsius, which is a fall of 6 degrees Celsius in a mere 48 hours. Talking about other parts of Maharashtra, since the last 24 hours, day and night temperatures had dropped along Konkan and Goa region, North Madhya Maharashtra.

The reason for the drop in temperatures have been attributed to moderate to strong flow of northwesterly winds, which are relatively cooler. However, Vidarbha and Marathwada have seen a rise in temperatures wherein minimums were above normal there due to southeasterly humid winds.

Now, a confluence zone has formed from East Madhya Pradesh across Vidarbha and Marathwada up to Karnataka wherein southeasterly winds from Bay of Bengal and inland northwesterly winds are merging over Vidarbha and parts of Marathwada.

Due to this, isolated pockets of Vidarbha may see some rainfall activity during the next 24 hours. Marathwada may see some thunderstorm activity with partly cloudy to cloudy sky conditions. Weather will clear up by tomorrow as the confluence zone will move towards the East towards Chhattisgarh and Telangana.

Thus, a short spell of rain is likely to affect parts of Vidarbha. Starting February 9, most parts of Maharashtra will see an inflow of northerly winds which will result in the fall of temperatures. Also, above normal minimums will come back to the normal levels along with which the wind chill factor may also be felt in parts.

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