Contrasting Pan India weather in first two weeks in March, rainy third week likely

Contrasting Pan India weather in first two weeks in March, rainy third week likely

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Rain in IndiaMarch is a transition month wherein South India begins to see Pre Monsoon conditions with hot weather conditions taking over. On the other hand, over the northern parts of the country, wintry weather remains.

In the month of March, major contribution of weather comes from the Northern Hills along with East and Northeast India. While Central India sees very less rains, the least weather activity comes from Gujarat.

The variability of rains in the country remains high in March. In 2018, the country saw a deficiency of 48 percent, while the deficiency was just 6 percent in 2017. On the other hand, normal rainfall was seen in 2016 while 2015 saw a surplus of a whopping 59 percent.

This year, two weeks of March have gone by and contrasting weather has been seen. While the first week saw rain surplus of 24 percent while the second week saw a deficiency of 64 percent.

During the first week, major rain contribution came from East and Northeast India with rains between excess to large excess. Northeast India has seen rains in excess in all pockets. At the top of the list, West Bengal which saw 800 percent excess rains. The state recorded 48.1 mm rains against the average of 5.2 mm.

Rains were good over Northwest India as well, while central regions performed poorly except Madhya Pradesh. South India also saw poor rains, but some rains were seen in Andhra Pradesh.

Talking about the second week, all the four regions remained poor, with the saving grace being Northwest India, particularly Punjab, and Rajasthan. In South India, Kerala saw some rainfall activity.

In the third week of March, both East and Northeast India will see good rains, while North India will remain normal. Central India, particularly Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh may see some rainfall activity while South India will remain poor.

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