Contrasting weather conditions in October

October 1, 2015 1:46 PM |

Monsoon rainsOctober is a transition month and contrasting weather activities are observed across the country. For instance, the Southwest Monsoon usually withdraws completely from the northern and central parts of the country by the first week of October. And the number of active Western Disturbances also reduce, which lead to dry weather conditions in the region.

In view of blue skies and bright sunshine the day temperatures also rise, while the night temperatures drop. For example, the Safdarjung Observatory in Delhi records 34°C as the average maximum temperature in September, which drops to 32.9°C in October. Similarly the average night temperature in Delhi during September is 25°C, which drops by 6 degrees to settle at 19°C.

Till the first half of the month the weather conditions are comfortable in North India, but by the end of October a little nip in the air can be felt. The higher reaches of Jammu and Kashmir begin to receive snowfall as well.

In East and Northeast India the Monsoon takes half of the month to withdraw due to which the regions experience good weather activity during this time. Thereafter, rainfall activity reduces.

In the western part of the country Gujarat and Rajasthan observe second summer. The day temperatures touch the 40 degrees Celsius mark at many places like Kutch, Bhuj and Naliya.

October is also the month when the Northeast Monsoon makes an entry. Unlike the Southwest Monsoon, there is no fixed date for the commencement of the Northeast Monsoon which is largely responsible for giving rain in Coastal Andhra Pradesh, Rayalaseema, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Tamil Nadu receives the bulk of the rain during Northeast Monsoon, which is also the main Monsoon season for the state.

It is to be noted that the Southwest Monsoon remains active in Peninsular India till the first half of October. The commencement of Northeast Monsoon is from the first burst of widespread rains over one of the above regions. Therefore, we can say that Peninsular India observes good rains throughout the month.


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