Cyclone Phethai to continue moderate rains over Northeast India

December 17, 2018 3:16 PM |

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Comprising of seven states, collectively known as Seven Sisters, Northeast India is not only rich with landscape, natural beauty, flora and fauna but also is famous for its cultural music and dance.

Weather-wise, the northeastern states of India have been experiencing a dry spell for quite some time now. Although, the cyclonic storm ‘Phethai’ has made a significant appearance over Andhra Pradesh coast, thereby making a landfall, re-curving and significantly now moving northeastwards. However, being beyond the reaches of Northeast India, it has not impacted much, apart from some clouds that have taken a form over the state.

At present, as a result of landfall, southern parts of northeastern states such as Tripura and Mizoram are experiencing light to moderate rains.

Moreover, Nagaland being a mountainous state is witnessing comparatively more rain activities. However, the impact of this landfall is lesser over northern parts of the state such as Arunachal Pradesh and Assam.

As this system, moves further in north-east directions, thereby weakening into a depression and entering into West Bengal and adjoining Bangladesh, the weather activities over entire Northeast India will increase significantly. Consequently, fairly widespread moderate rains along with isolated heavy showers will occur over the state.

However, after witnessing this rainy episode, the weather will gradually start becoming clear and only eastern parts of Northeast India will experience light rains.

Talking about the temperatures, as a result of clouding and rains, day temperatures over the state will fall while night temperatures will start showing an increase.

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