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Cyclone threat over for 2015

December 18, 2015 3:12 PM |

Cyclone in IndiaNortheast Monsoon season extending from October to December marks the season for cyclones in the Indian Seas that are one of the deadliest basins for severe cyclones in the world.

The frequency of storms is generally more in the Bay of Bengal, in comparison to the Arabian Sea. Historical data suggest that we have had at least one cyclone in the post-Monsoon season during last 15 years. Several years have even seen 4 to 5 storms forming in the Bay of Bengal.

However, this year no significant cyclonic storm has occurred so far. This year, 2015, seems to be one of the exclusive years when there was no cyclone at all in the Bay of Bengal in the post-Monsoon season. The cyclone season ends with December and thus, the cyclone threat is over for 2015.


Here’s a look at the number of cyclones formed each year in the Bay of Bengal during the last 15 years:


Weather models are indicating the formation of a system in the Andaman Sea. But, this weather system may not be good enough to intensify into a tropical storm.

Formation of Cyclones in the Post Monsoon Season 

Peninsular India witnesses the occurrence of cyclones during the post Monsoon season i.e. October - December.  While in October, the entire East Coast comprising of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal, possess the risk of tropical storms, November is the month when Andhra Pradesh bears the brunt of cyclones. Tamil Nadu becomes venerable to the threat of cyclones in December.

December is relatively less prone to cyclones and the probability of cyclone formation becomes almost nil by the second half of the month. Cyclones forming at the beginning of the month mostly head for Tamil Nadu or south Andhra Pradesh coast. As we progress through the month, the effect of cyclone moves towards southward.

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