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Cyclonic circulation over Comorin could develop into a storm

September 27, 2014 2:42 PM |

Satellite ImageOn September 25, Skymet Meteorology Division in India published the first update on the cyclonic circulation brewing in the Indian Ocean near Comorin region. The system is still situated quite low near 5°N Latitude as a cyclonic circulation.

The system is likely to strengthen into a low pressure area in another 3 days, after gaining some latitude. If this system develops into a Cyclonic storm then it will be the first of the season. But we need to wait for some time before saying anything. However, the system is not going to impact the Indian coast.

During summer equinox, equatorial region of the Indian Ocean becomes very active with a series of weather disturbances. At the moment there are some weather disturbances on the either side of the equator in close proximity and the conditions are favourable for these systems to strengthen, provided they gain latitudes.

As have been said earlier, climatological records show that these systems usually have a tendency to strengthen and move west-northwestwards, away from the Indian coast and head for Yemen or Oman. Such systems set pace for more cyclones to form.

Northeast Monsoon in India gets manifested by formation of cyclonic systems in the southern latitudes of the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal.

Rain in South India

Meanwhile, places along the west coast have been receiving good showers in last few days, in view of a cyclonic circulation over Lakshadweep and adjoining Kerala region. The circulation over Comorin region will gain strength only after this system dissipates.



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