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Delayed Withdrawal Of Monsoon, Rajasthan Overcomes The Rainfall Deficiency

September 22, 2021 3:31 PM |

State of Rajasthan has finally recovered from a deficit monsoon and is heading to join the club of surplus sub divisions, both West and East Rajasthan.  The state literally staring at a major drought during the core monsoon months of July and August has found favor with a trail of monsoon low pressure areas and cyclonic circulation in the month of September. These weather systems have reached till the last posts of the state to bring adequate rainfall over both the sub divisions of the state.

Delayed arrival of Southwest Monsoon had given a subdued start which practically got stalled in July. Month of August was the driest of all for West Rajasthan with a whopping deficiency of 56%. East Rajasthan somewhat recovered to +7% in that month. 

Crippling rains over the state pushed many districts on the brink of drought. Peak crop season suffered maximum and some of these crops were on verge of extinction. Delayed rains in September may not recover that irreparable loss but the surplus rains do bring some cheers in terms of water storage and soil moisture.

Seasonal rainfall between 01st June to 21st September is measured at 265.3 mm against the normal of 259.8 mm for West Rajasthan and 647.7 mm against normal of 589.5 mm for East Rajasthan.

In the month of September so far, the rainfall recorded for West Rajasthan is 96.1mm against 33.2mm and for East Rajasthan 160.2mm against 81.6mm leading to a surplus of 200% and 100% respectively.

Till the year 2019, the withdrawal date for the state was fixed at 01st September. Following revision in these dates based on data from 1961-2019, 17th September is the new norm set for the state, commencing with West Rajasthan. The complete  process of withdrawal takes about 7-10 days for the state. The withdrawal from the extreme eastern parts of the state invariably coincides with the national capital Delhi.

Courtesy, series of monsoon systems forming over Bay of Bengal and tracking westward right up to East Rajasthan, West Rajasthan and Gujarat has kept the state active with moderate to intense weather activity. Monsoon withdrawal has been delayed accordingly.

Presently, a cyclonic circulation is marked over East Rajasthan region. Another system is lying over Chhattisgarh and Odisha, potentially waiting to extend up to the last locations of the state in the next 3-4 days. The scheduled withdrawal may roll over to the 1st week of October.

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