Delhi gets hotter, records new high at 37.5 degrees

Delhi gets hotter, records new high at 37.5 degrees

06:39 PM

Delhi Weather

Delhi weather continues to follow a rising trend with the maximums soaring sky high for the past 48 hours. Residents can feel the summer heat as dry and hot afternoons have been wreaking havoc over the residents of Delhi and the NCR region.

Yesterday, both the Palam and Safdarjung observatories had observed their maximums at 34.6 degrees Celsius and 34.4 degrees Celsius. These temperatures were recorded to be the highest of the season. However, it seems like the weather gods wanted to trouble the residents even more giving them more heat in the form of rising maximums.

Today, the maximum temperature has reached new heights with Palam observatory recording the maximum at 37.5 degrees and Safdarjung’s day temperature settling at 36.2 degrees Celsius. Thus, since yesterday these maximums are about two to three degrees more.

Before yesterday, a drop in the maximum temperature was observed but that relief was short lived, and the mercury soared new heights. The reason for this rise in temperatures is the dry westerly winds which become southwesterly in nature blowing from already hotter regions of Haryana and Rajasthan.

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Today, the maximum in Churu, Rajasthan was recorded at 38.5 degrees Celsius, while Hisar saw its maximum at a whopping 37.5 degrees Celsius. Drier winds added to the increase in the maximums.

Also, today, the maximum temperature above the 36-degree mark sustained in Delhi and the NCR region for more than three hours during the afternoon. The relatively lighter winds helped the temperatures to stay at the same duration for that time.

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