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Delhi metro to become first in the world to run on 100 percent solar power

April 21, 2019 4:41 PM |


Delhi Metro has a pretty good reputation and stands in line with the metro networks of London, Shanghai, Beijing, and New York as all these have a network of more than 300 kilometers. Now, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) plans to take it further with the introduction of a greener edge to the same.

In a bid to become world's first 100 per cent green energy metro rail network, Violet Line in Delhi Metro has now started running on solar power received from the massive Solar Power Plant back at Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa. This is for the first time that DMRC is outsourcing its solar powered. Otherwise, until now Delhi Metro only utilized solar power generated on its own stations for functions such as lighting and air conditioning. Now, however the solar energy will be used for the operation of the trains as well.

According to the DMRC statement, in a calendar year, on an average, around 345 million units (MU) of power will be received from Rewa. In the year 2018-19, Delhi Metro consumed about 1092 MU of power for its operations.


At present, DMRC uses solar energy for almost 60% of its electricity needs. It plans to run all its operations on solar by 2021. Once this is done, it would become the world’s first 100% green energy metro rail network.

And not only this, with this initiative, DMRC expects to save over Rs 41 crore.

This shift by DMRC is one step forward towards a greener future and sets a very nice example for many more projects to come.

Image Credits – The MasterbuilderDelhi Metro Map, Tourist Places in Delhi 

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