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Delhi-NCR Drowned In Rain, More Showers Likely

September 23, 2022 12:59 PM |

Delhi / NCR region has been lashed with longest and heaviest wet spell of the season.  Precarious rains started yesterday morning and continue non-stop for more than 24hr, the longest duration of this season. There are no signs of complete ceasure  and intermittent rains interspersed with few heavy showers will keep striking different pockets of Delhi/ NCR for another 48hr.  Factually, the rains are going to ease out on 26thSep and later. Cloudy sky, moderate breeze, suppressed heat and light to moderate intermittent showers will remain the hallmark of weather conditions for the national capital and suburbs, till 25thSep. Even thereafter, the rains will not stop completely. However, intensity, spread and duration of these showers will reduce substantially. Cessation of sporadic rains around month end will be followed by withdrawal of monsoon in the 1st week of October.

Delhi/NCR area has been deluged in pockets and rainfall in excess of 100mm in 24hr has been recorded. Airport observatory at Palam registered the heaviest 24hr rainfall of the season measuring 102mm at 8.30am today. The previous highest was 95mm on 21stJuly2022. Base observatory at Safdarjung clocked 2ndhighest 24hr rainfall of 72mm. The heaviest of this season being 117mm recorded on 01stJuly. City observatory at Ayanagar also recoded 106mm rainfall in 24hr. Gurugram topped the list with a downpour of 107.5mm during this period.

Delhi had a seasonal deficit of 36% rainfall  between 01stJune and 22ndSep 2022.  With this heavy spell, main observatories of Delhi, both Safdarjung and Palam, have exceeded their monthly normal. Safdarjung has recorded 150mm of rainfall against monthly normal of 128mm and Palam exceeded its monthly average of 117.4mm to clock 131mm till today. Palam has added another 16mm rainfall between 8.30am and 11.30am.

Remnant of low pressure area as cyclonic circulation is marked over Northwest Madhya Pradesh and adjoining Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, very close to Delhi. Monsoon trough is also running south of Delhi, in the close proximity. Western disturbance moving across the mountains has added fuel to the active monsoon conditions. Parts of East Rajasthan, West Uttar Pradesh, Northwest Madhya Pradesh and Delhi bear the risk of moderate to heavy rains for another 48hr. Later, the rain belt will shift eastward across central and eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh.

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