Delhi observes comfortable weather while Chennai remains warm

Delhi observes comfortable weather while Chennai remains warm

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The second half of February is witnessing contrasting weather conditions for Chennai and Delhi. While, Chennai is preparing itself for pre-monsoon activities along with hot and humid days, Delhi still continues its wintery conditions with pleasant day and cool nights.

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However, Delhi still stands a chance of receiving few rain spells and misty days whereas, Chennai hardly had any rain for the month of February. For Chennai February is the least rainy month with an average of about 3.4mm of rain and for Delhi February is the rainiest month with an average of 22.1 mm of rain.

Furthermore, talking about the day and night temperatures of these cities we can say that for Chennai the maximums remained between low 30°C and minimums between low 20°C. For Delhi maximums remained between mid 20°C and minimums between 10 – 12 °C.

Generally for Chennai, day will be seen witnessing clear skies along with strong sea breeze and comfortable nights. Whereas for Delhi, light to moderate winds along with sunny and clear sky and cool nights are see.

For the upcoming week, Chennai will have no significant weather change. Same weather conditions are expected to continue. But for Delhi, possibly winter system may affect causing a little change in weather. Winds will be seen changing starting February 22 and further few rains may also be expected after February 24.

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