Delhi Pollution: Air quality gets slight improvement, rains to bring further relief

Delhi Pollution: Air quality gets slight improvement, rains to bring further relief

11:27 AM

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Delhi’s weather conditions have now begun to improvise. Since yesterday, a drastic change in the pollution levels has been observed. The smoggy weather that restricted almost all the outdoor activities for Delhiites has now started to improve and chances of further improvement are on the cards for the national capital.

Delhi smog, a major health hazard was on a rise for more than a week over Delhi-NCR. The air quality was severe and the visibility dropped from bad to worse. The reason for the deteriorating air quality as decoded by the weatherman at Skymet Weather was the prevalence of calm and light dry winds.

As per Skymet Weather, from last many days, the winds were calm or very light in nature and since these winds were blowing from the north-west direction, these winds carried the pollutants from the stubble burning practices from the adjoining states of Punjab and Haryana.

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Due to light in nature, these winds were unable to lift the pollutants and thus the thick layer of smog persisted in Delhi’s atmosphere. But since yesterday morning, the wind pattern and its speed has changed. The northwesterly winds were swapped by the humid southeasterly winds, which were blowing at a speed of 8-10 kmph.

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The increased speed of these winds helped in fading away the pollutants from the atmosphere. Delhi’s air quality has started to improve slightly now and it is expected that the wind speed will further pace up to the tune of 10-15 kmph.

Additionally, light rains are expected today in parts of Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan which may further intensify by tomorrow. Delhi may also get isolated light spells by tomorrow which will lead to further improvement in weather conditions over Delhi and NCR.

Image Credit:  Respro Bulletin Board

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