Delhi Pollution: Air quality in capital like smoking 50 cigarettes a day

Delhi Pollution: Air quality in capital like smoking 50 cigarettes a day

10:18 AM

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Post Diwali Celebrations, the pollutants levels were so high over the national capital that it was just like smoking 50 cigarettes a day. Although as per experts, the air quality was much better than last year, while the toxic pollutants were still the same, it is just this year the visibility was better.

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The bursting of firecrackers is very harmful and unsafe. The reason for this is the chemicals which remain in the atmosphere for many months that is being inhaled by us. Just after 48 hours of Diwali festivities, nearly 30% cases of respiratory illnesses at city hospitals have shot up. A massive rush in OPDs and casualty wards has been observed with doctors fearing the next stage to be pneumonia for most patients. Most susceptible groups are children and the elderly.

This month, the Supreme Court banned the sale of crackers in and around Delhi till November 1 to prevent the repeat of 2016 air pollution, which was the worst that the national capital recorded in past 20 years.

Banning of firecrackers was definitely one good step amended by the government, but more rigorous measures need to be taken to control air pollution. Banning the firecrackers was not able to act as a deterrent to curb air pollution in the city. Although the number of crackers burst on the night of Diwali was less compared to previous years.

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