Delhi Pollution: Air quality to improve now

Delhi Pollution: Air quality to improve now

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There is no denying the fact that Delhi tops the list of worst pollution-hit city of India. Measures to control the pollution levels and the improvement of air quality has always been a challenge for the Delhi Government.

Aiming at the same, the highest court in order issued a ban against the sale of crackers almost 10 days before Diwali to avoid the mishap that occurred last year wherein almost the entire city and its adjoining regions were covered under a smog layer.

To some extent, this prohibition proved out to be effective as it did curb the pollution levels and Delhiites were able to breathe in some improved air quality. However, the cracker ban was just one minor step to minimize the ever-deteriorating air pollution. Some more steps are required to be taken to avoid people breathe in the choking air.

As per Skymet Weather, earlier, a Depression was moving across the North Bay of Bengal and the eastern parts of the country. Due to this, easterly humid winds were blowing over the northern plains that increased the humidity levels over Delhi and NCR.

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Moreover, the wind speed was also low. All these weather conditions contributed in enhancing the pollution levels. Whenever the winds are light in nature and the temperatures are low, Mist or haze formation can be seen during the early morning hours.

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However, the wind directions are now changed and at present, the dry northwesterly winds commenced over Delhi and its adjoining Noida, Gurugram, and Faridabad. It was due to the wind reversal that the pollution which was persisting over Delhi and its adjoining regions from the last few days has now decreased.

At present, there is no weather system prevailing over the northern parts of the country. The seasonal pattern of winds which is from the northwest direction will resume and the wind will also speed up resulting in curtailing the pollution levels even more.

These moderate winds will help in blowing away the pollutants. The present situation is already much better and is anticipated to improve further.

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