Delhi weather becomes warm, temperatures to remain high

Delhi weather becomes warm, temperatures to remain high

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Recently, Delhi received moderate to heavy rains due to the effect of a Low-Pressure Area which was persisting over Haryana and a Western Disturbance persisting over Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. This Low-Pressure area was Cyclone Daye which had weakened while travelling inland.

After weakening of these weather systems, the weather of Delhi has gone dry. The day temperatures which were around 27 to 28° have once again increased to 34°C. Now, the dry winds from North-west direction have reduced the humidity and the sky condition is also clear. Therefore, we expect further rise in day temperatures by a couple of degrees in the next few days. However, morning and night are expected to remain comfortable.

Soon, an anti-cyclone is expected to form over Rayalaseema which will be responsible for withdrawal or commencement of Monsoon from West Rajasthan. Very soon, Monsoon will start withdrawing from Delhi and NCR as well.

These warm days are likely to stay for the next 10-15 days, following which, the day temperatures will start to decline.

On the other hand, by next week, the minimum temperatures will fall with the day temperatures staying at similar levels. During this time period, the difference between maximum and minimum temperatures is expected to remain high.

Skymet advices children and elderly to take precaution as the weather is changing.

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