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Different shades of Monsoon in East and West Uttar Pradesh

June 19, 2015 10:55 AM |

Monsoon in Uttar PradeshUttar Pradesh is a huge state with a North-South distance of about 300 km and East-West distance of 700 km. Consequently, weather conditions also vary greatly in both the parts.

Eastern parts of the state witness heavier Monsoon showers than western parts. The eastern part also witnesses Monsoon rains for almost half the month of June, while the eastern part receives rainfall brought by Southwest Monsoon.

This statement could be validated by the following figures:

Monsoon in Uttar Pradesh






During the four month-long Monsoon season, on an average East Uttar Pradesh receives a total of 900 mm of rain and West Uttar Pradesh 760 mm of rain. Here’s a look at the rainfall data in the last years four years:

Rain in Uttar Pradesh








This huge difference in rainfall figures could be attributed to the geographical location of Uttar Pradesh. Whenever it rains in Nepal, waters from the country flows down to the foothills of Uttar Pradesh. Thus, East Uttar Pradesh often gets flooded during the Monsoon season. This happens more in the ‘break-Monsoon’ period as the Monsoon trough shifts upwards, closer to East Uttar Pradesh.

image credit- Hindu


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