Disappointing August for Pune in terms of rain, light showers ahead

Disappointing August for Pune in terms of rain, light showers ahead

09:01 AM

Disappointing August for Pune in terms of rain, light showers ahead

Heavy Pune rains have taken a backseat now. The month of August has not been as good for Pune as it should have been. While the city did record light to moderate showers of 8 mm on the first day of August, these showers have only remained in single digits for the city.

Almost three weeks have passed by and if the rainfall performance of Pune is seen, the city has witnessed only single digit rains in the first week of August. As far as the second and the third week of the month are concerned, the city did not even witness rains close to 1 mm. The highest rains that the city recorded was a mere 0.8 mm.

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Taking into account the last 24 hours, the city did record isolated light showers. In terms of the amount of rainfall, during the last 21 hours from 8:30 am on Thursday, Pune witnessed a mere 0.2 mm of rain.

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The reduction in the rainfall activity over Pune can be attributed to the absence of any significant weather system over the region. As per weathermen at Skymet Weather, the city of Pune will continue to witness isolated light rains during the next 24 hours.

As for the maximum and the minimum temperature, they will continue to settle close to 29 and 22 degrees, respectively, remaining in the comfortable range only.

So far, the city of Pune has been able to record a mere 7.2 mm of rainfall against its monthly average of 122.3 mm of rainfall. With the looks of it, it seems that only a miracle will be able to help Pune in surpassing its monthly rainfall.

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