Disturbed weather conditions likely over Central Asia and North Indian sub continent

February 24, 2018 10:24 AM |

Disturbed weather conditions likely over Central Asia and North Indian sub continent

The weather systems move around the globe across US, Atlantic Ocean resulting in rain and snow in many parts. However, more of these systems travel across the European nations. Some of these systems even cross the Mediterranean Sea. Any system that crosses the sea becomes a concern for Central Asia as well as northern parts of South Asia.

All these systems that travel across Europe get help in gaining strength through the water bodies including the Mediterranean Sea as well as Caspian Sea. Presently, disturbed weather conditions are prevailing east of the Mediterranean Sea.

Thus, in the coming days, the Middle East is expected to witness some weather activity in the form of rain as well as sandstorms in some parts. Meanwhile, Central Asia is also expected to have plenty of weather in terms of rain and snow.

Finally, the system will travel across Hindukush region inclusive of Afghanistan and Pakistan region thereafter towards Western Himalayas giving rain and snow over the hills of North India as well.

As these systems reach the Western Himalayan region, they exhaust themselves. However, even though the Arabian Sea is quite far away, these systems get some moisture from there which helps them in gaining some more strength. While it looks like the system will ease out, another system is not far behind to let rainy and snowy weather continue over the North Indian sub-continent.

Thus, for the first ten days in March, some weather disturbance will continue over the hilly states of North India.

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