Dry Mumbai to witness warm days, cool nights ahead

Dry Mumbai to witness warm days, cool nights ahead

11:00 AM

Mumbai Weather

After receiving some moderate showers on October 17, the city of Mumbai remained dry for an elongated period until November 20 when the region witnessed rains.

These rains were light in nature, but turned out to be a respite from the prevailing dry weather conditions for the residents.

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All thanks to a feeble trough that was extending along the coast of Maharashtra. However, from past 48 hours dry weather has been prevalent again and sky condition is partly cloudy. In wake of this, temperatures have augmented with warm days but comfortable nights.

The reason for this plunge in temperatures could be attributed to the change in wind pattern. Earlier, cool winds from north-northwest direction were blowing over the region that kept the temperatures low. But now the winds are blowing from south direction and are relatively warm and humid in nature. As a consequence, the temperatures have marked a rise.


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Weathermen at Skymet Weather expect that the easterly winds will continue over the region for the next two days, thereafter the winds will blow from southeast direction, thus temperatures; mainly the minimums will raise more.

Generally during this time of the year, Konkan and Goa including Mumbai receives good rains when a cyclonic circulation or trough forms along the coast of Maharashtra. But presently, weathermen could not anticipate any major weather system that could give good rains over the city of dreams.

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