Dry spell to continue in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Dry spell to continue in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

03:08 PM

Rain in Chennai

Slowly and gradually, the rainfall activity over most parts of Southern Peninsular India has started witnessing a declining trend. Until 2-3 days back, rains in contrast with North India were more confined to the states of South India. However, from the past 2-3 days, the rains over most parts of South India had reduced.

Similar is the weather condition for parts of Tamil Nadu and its capital city Chennai. Skymet Weather had already predicted for dry weather to prevail over the state including Chennai and the proved out to be accurate.

In the last 24 hours, both the observatories of Chennai namely Nungambakkam and Minambakkam have failed to record any traces of rains. In fact, most of the districts of Tamil Nadu had also been unsuccessful in recording many showers.

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However, stations such as Tuticorin, Coimbatore, and Connor have somehow managed to record 14 mm, 1.2 mm and 0.8 mm of light traces. Whereas, mostly the other regions were dry.

As of now also, Skymet Weather does not foresee any good rains paving the way towards Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu. This reduction of rains is attributed to the intensification of the well-marked low-pressure area into a Depression.

As per Skymet Weather, the well-marked low-pressure area that was persisting over the northwest Bay of Bengal has now concentrated into a Depression and is seen moving northwestwards. Due to this intensification, the moisture feed over almost the entire Southern Peninsula including Tamil Nadu has decreased.

Due to the reduction of moisture feed, rains over Tamil Nadu including Chennai and a few parts of the state is likely to witness dry weather conditions only. However isolated light spells in a few regions of the state cannot be ruled out.

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