Dry weather in Nagpur, Akola, Washim, matured Rabi crops to be harvested

Dry weather in Nagpur, Akola, Washim, matured Rabi crops to be harvested

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After an elongated period, temperatures of Vidarbha region have settled above normal, particularly the maximums. This increase in the mercury levels could be attributed to the prevalent dry weather along with clear and sunny sky conditions.

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During the first half of February, both day and night temperatures were ranging below normal. Presently, day temperatures of the region are settling in the mid-30s like Akola registered a maximum of 35.5°C and Wardha 35°C.

According to Skymet Weather, no significant weather system is expected to develop over and around Maharashtra during the next few days. As a result, dry weather conditions will continue over the region. Days would be very warm, with bright sunshine. Nights are expected to remain comfortable. Furthermore, both maximum and minimum temperatures will rise further.

Presently, the entire Maharashtra, i.e., all the sub-divisions have been observing the seasonal weather pattern of dry weather.

At this stage, let us take a brief look of the effect of weather on the agriculture:

As the weather is expected to be dry and hot, farmers in Vidarbha are recommended to complete the harvesting of matured Rabi crops. Further, they are advised to expose the affected crops to the sunlight and store it in a dry place.

Farmers are also suggested to irrigate the summer Groundnut crop. Additionally, they are advised to stay cautious for pest/ disease incidence in fruit and vegetable fields and opt for control measures as per severity.

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