Dry weather in Rajasthan to continue; minimums to reduce

Dry weather in Rajasthan to continue; minimums to reduce

04:47 PM

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The state of Rajasthan generally observes dry and cold weather conditions during the month of January. However, when the Western Disturbances moving across the hills of North India induce a cyclonic circulation over the northern plains, the state receive rains.

Since the last many days, due to induced cyclonic circulation over parts of Northwest India, parts of Rajasthan have been receiving scattered light rainfall activity.

In fact, during the last 24 hours also, western and northwestern parts of Rajasthan experienced light rain over isolated places.

Due to the combined effect of rain, clouding and southwesterly humid and warm winds, the minimum temperatures over most parts of Rajasthan have increased.

Now, the Western Disturbance has moved away eastwards, and winds have become northerly. Therefore, temperatures over the state have already dropped by 2˚C to 3˚C, particularly over the western parts of Rajasthan.

Thus, we can say that, weather will remain mainly dry over Rajasthan for at least this coming week. The temperatures which were above normal will now become below normal and winter chill is expected to return over most parts of the state.

Furthermore, between January 21 and 24, due to widespread rain and snow over the Western Himalayas, even parts of Rajasthan may receive scattered light to moderate rains over the northern parts and light rain in West Rajasthan.

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