Dry weather over hills prior to next Western Disturbance

Dry weather over hills prior to next Western Disturbance

06:23 PM


Although one after the other Western Disturbances approached the Himalayan region but they have failed to give any significant weather activity over these states.

These feeble Western Disturbances have not given any precipitation in the form of rain or snow, but these were capable of altering wind profile of entire Northwest India. The Northwesterly winds used to change direction to Southeasterly and Easterly leading to a slight increase in night temperatures.

Until now, the hills of Western Himalayas have not received enough rain or snowfall activities barring a total of two occasions when Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, both received fairly widespread rain and snowfall, while the state of Uttaranchal received scattered rain and snowfall activities. That was, between November 1 and 3 and thereafter between November 13 and 15.

The present Western Disturbance is moving away Eastwards. This recent system has given isolated rainfall activities over upper reaches of Jammu and Kashmir. The state of Himachal Pradesh also received light snowfall while Uttarakhand received isolated rain activities. Although, the impact of this Western Disturbance has not been witnessed by the lower regions of these states.

After the passage of the present Western Disturbance, weather of hilly states is expected to remain dry for at least one week or so. As the upcoming Western Disturbance is also being marked as 'feeble' so it will not be able to give any rain or snow over these states.

Tourists can freely make plans for uphill in this time frame as the absence of heavy rains take away the threat of landslides with itself. Nights will be very cold so carrying woolens along is advised.

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