Dust storm activities to commence in Rajasthan today, maximums to drop marginally

April 24, 2019 8:26 AM |

In the wake of dry and warm weather conditions prevailing over Rajasthan, the state has already started observing very high maximum temperatures. In fact, isolated pockets of Rajasthan have even come under heat wave condition.

Now we expect further increase in day temperatures over the state, which will lead to many more districts under heat wave like condition.

However, the Western Disturbance approaching the hills of North India has induced a cyclonic circulation over Northeast Rajasthan. Therefore, we expect isolated dust storm activities to commence over the northern and northwestern districts of Rajasthan today.

On April 25 and 26, we expect many places in Rajasthan to observe dust storm activity followed by thunderstorm and thundershowers. These weather activities may drop the maximum temperatures in Rajasthan to some extent.

But as these activities will be short lived and of less intensity, no significant drop in temperatures will be witnessed. As it’s the pre-Monsoon season weather activities only occur during the late afternoon or evening hours. Thus, we can say that only marginal relief is in sight.

Moreover, once the weather system moves away, from April 27, day temperatures will once again start rising leading to hot weather in Rajasthan. Gradually increasing temperatures will lead to heat wave condition in few pockets of the state.

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