East India to witness dense fog, minimums to drop

East India to witness dense fog, minimums to drop

05:08 PM

East India to witness dense fog, minimums to drop

The eastern parts of the country are witnessing different shades of weather for the past few days. So much so that Northeast Uttar Pradesh, foothills of Bihar, Sub Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim witnessed dense to very dense fog during the last 24 hours. Whereas, other parts of East India, such as Jharkhand, Orissa and Gangetic West Bengal witnessed shallow to moderate fog during the same time frame.

The reason for dense fog over northern parts can be linked to easterly winds, which are increasing humidity there.

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Also, temperatures over Gangetic West Bengal, Odisha and western parts of Bihar and Jharkhand have dropped by 2 to 3 degrees. For instance, maximum temperature in Calcutta settled at 27 degrees on December 16 and it has come down to 22.6 degree on December 19. The reason for this drop in temperature can be attributed to cold northerly winds, which are blowing from hills of Nepal and Sikkim.

At present, a cyclonic circulation is persisting over Southeast Bangladesh. Due to this, northerly winds are blowing over Gangetic West Bengal and other parts of East India.

Thus, we expect temperatures to remain on the lower side for the next two days. Day and nights will remain cool and comfortable over eastern parts of the country. After two to three days, maximums will start rising again. Odisha and Gangetic West Bengal may witness warmer afternoons. Meanwhile, dense fog over foothills of East India and drop in minimums are likely.

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