First low pressure in Arabian Sea of Pre-Monsoon season to head towards Yemen

First low pressure in Arabian Sea of Pre-Monsoon season to head towards Yemen

10:30 AM

Low PressureThe Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) is quite active at present, closer to the Equator. Currently, there are two cyclonic circulations marked in the ITCZ. One of them was over the Comorin region and its adjoining areas. The second cyclonic circulation was seen over Southwest Arabian Sea and its adjoining areas.

Both these systems were becoming more marked and shifted away from the Indian mainland. These systems merged and have become a low-pressure area in the Southwest Arabian Sea. The system thereafter will become even more marked, but it will keep following a westward trend.

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Chances are, that the system may even become a well-marked low-pressure area and furthermore into a depression as it moves into open waters. Thereafter, the system is expected to head towards the Gulf of Aden and Somali coast.

Thus, no threat is likely to the Indian mainland due to this upcoming low-pressure area. As the system is expected to move towards Yemen. Thus, good rains are expected to occur over the Yemen region during that time. However, no major threat to Yemen is also expected during that time and only some activity will be seen.

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