Fog Hazard: Major discomfort for airlines and passengers

Fog Hazard: Major discomfort for airlines and passengers

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The month of December has completed half of its duration and foggy days have begun to pick pace. So much so that some parts of Northern Plains will soon be shrouded in layers of dense fog which will throw normal life out of gear and cause all sorts of vehicular traffic issues.

At this moment, foggy mornings are appearing over the Northern Plains and other areas of East and Northeast India, but, they last for short duration. However, as the days progress, foggy days will only get worse which is why the aviation sector along with passengers will face several problems in terms of delays, cancellations, etc.

Major issues come up for bigger airports where air traffic is dense, and they become more vulnerable to fog. This happens as even a slight delay creates a cascading effect upsetting the schedule of other airlines as well.

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With this, the importance of diversionary airports with better weather conditions becomes quite mandatory.

There are three players which are important in tackling the fog situation

Firstly, the airline machines need to be well equipped and should be constantly upgraded.

Secondly, ground equipment in terms of landing system is quite important. There are different versions of landing equipment used, one of them being CAT III B which is being used at Indian Airports.

Last but not the least, the need for a well-trained pilot is the most important as without a rated pilot, it is impossible to be able to be able to take off and land an airline in the safest way possible.

The combination of these three are able to tackle the fog situation. Not only this, if any one of these are not compliant, it becomes difficult to take hold of the situation.

As far as the passengers are concerned, all they can do from their end is to start early for the airport as foggy conditions are also responsible for traffic snarls.

These foggy conditions cause enough delays to airlines and have become a major hazard for both the aviation industry as well as passengers.

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