Fog likely to show up on the 5th day Ind-Eng Test match

Fog likely to show up on the 5th day Ind-Eng Test match

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On day 2 of third test between India versus England the maximum temperature recorded is 29.5°C and the minimum is 15.2°C. These figures are unusually higher than the normal, more than 7°C.

Even though there might not be any weather interruption during any day of the test match, but there are chances of fog on fifth day of the match. And by looking how the match is unfolding, the match will go up to the fifth day.

At present, the western disturbance which is moving across the northern parts of Jammu & Kashmir is the main cause for the rise of temperature over North India. Another western disturbance would affect the northern Himalaya again on November 29.

Due to the frequent movement of western disturbance the cooling over North India may not be possible as expected. Even the dry northwesterly winds which are less humid in nature is prevailing over the area.

But after the passage of western disturbance the cool winds are likely to prevail for short period of time and they will be comparatively moist. Morning over the city will be misty or shallow fog in patches may observe after 24 hours.

The drop in minimum temperature is likely by 3-4°C. The chances of moisture levels may reach more than 80% on the fifth day of the game.

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