Fog to make a comeback over Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, UP

January 23, 2018 2:46 PM |

Delhi FogDense to very dense fog has abated most parts of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, North Rajasthan and West Uttar Pradesh. In fact, almost the entire Northwest India has remained fog free for the past 48 hours..


With the commencement of rains, humidity levels have increased. Moreover, sky conditions have become cloudy leading to rise in minimums over Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, North Rajasthan and West Uttar Pradesh.

The abatement of fog over these areas can be attributed to the Western Disturbance over Jammu and Kashmir which has induced a cyclonic circulation over Punjab, Haryana and North Rajasthan. Scattered rains last night over these areas also have a part to play in the no fog show over the Northwestern Plains.

However, fog is expected to make a comeback once again by tomorrow as the humidity has increased significantly and the minimums are anticipated to drop. Moreover, as the system will clear away, rain will also take a backseat after today. All these factors will contribute to the formation of fog over the region.

Thus, parts of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and West Uttar Pradesh are likely to observe moderate to dense fog tomorrow morning.

Click the image below to see the live lightning and thunderstorm across Northwestern Plainslightning in up

Maximum temperatures have also decreased due to the cloud cover and scattered rains. Tomorrow onward, the maximums are likely to increase and the minimums might decrease due to the dry and cold northerly winds.

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